Hostel Good Morning is glad to provide you with comfortable and affordable accommodation in the center of Brest.


We are always ready to help you to plan your stay in the city, to provide information about tours and local sights or with interpreter. We can also offer assistance in booking airplane or railway tickets.


The fully equipped kitchenette is for guests’ service. There you can warm up food in the microwave oven, make tea or coffee.


We are also glad to arrange food delivery.


Free WiFi is available in all rooms.


There are free lockers with electrical sockets available.


A short walk from hostel the city park, Gogolya Str, Sovietskaya Str, various museums and memorial complex "Brest Fortress - Hero" are located.

bicycles for rent

A great way to explore the city and its suburbs is to rent a bike. Our friends from bicycle shop Bike n’ Roll will surly provide this opportunity to guests.