Payment by card booking

For reservation please choose arrival and departure dates, the number of guests.

When you approve order conditions, electronic account for the guest is generated in the billing system to pay per full (100%) or partial (50%) - the cost of the requested services. After this the secure link is sent and the guest is redirected to the server of the payment system "Company Electronic Payments" ASSIST, to ensure safe payments. This payment method is absolutely confidential and secure. Your personal data and requisites of the card will be entered on a specially protected authorization page of the payment system "Company Electronic Payments" ASSIST. We accept VISA card and MasterCard Visa and MasterCard of all types. We also suggest you to check with your bank and make sure that your card can be used for payments in the system "Company Electronic Payments" ASSIST.

After selecting the room, making contact information, guest passes to a secure page to complete the payment and extra hotel services with their credit card bills. The guest receives an e-mail with a link to an electronic balance, than follows the link to see the account, which identifies the selected apartment, guest`s name the amount of money to pay, date, the requested services are also included. After you see the data is correct, according to the instructions of the billing system interface, you go to a secure page and activate the payment. If payment is successfully made, the guest automatically receives a notification to email address. When the cash inflows to the account of Hostel, the guest also recieves the notification of crediting cash to to the account of the beneficiary by e-mail.

Please note: save checks received (payment confirmation) for verification with the card account in order to confirm transactions committed in case of disputes.

Please note that the electronic payment system Company Electronic Payments" ASSIST does not charge any fee for the transfer of money from the card account. Specify at the issuing bank, all information concerning the possible fee for conversion rates and services carrying out operations with card account. The accommodation is paid in the national currency of the Republic of Belarus - Belarusian ruble (BYN). The amount of foreign currency indicated on the website and used during negotiations is stated as a matter of your convenience. All payments will be converted into national currency - Belarusian ruble (BYN).

Cancellation policy:

— for standart guaranted bookings: cancellation no later than 1 day before the date of arrival is made without penalty.

The Guest should me made cancellation procedure by yourself: please click on the "Cancellation" link in your voucher, or ask the hotel to cancel your reservation by e-mail to hotel reservation department e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In case of late cancellation (less than 1 days prior to arrival) and / or in case of no-show penalty of 100% of the first night's stay unless otherwise provided by the rules of the selected rate.

Documented cancellation request is considered only a request as agreement in writing. The hotel is not responsible for cancellations made orally.

The actual transfer of money to the account of the bank card customer can take form 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the terms and conditions of interbank processing centers and banks involved in the operation.

Refund is made to the same card with which the payment was made.

Payment Methods

Credit card payment by means Assist System

Payment is made via Internet in real time immediately after ordering.To make a financial transaction fit VISA cards of international systems (all types), MasterCard (including Maestro), issued by any bank in the world, as well as BelCard card system and American Express.

About the payment procedure of payment card on BelCard

When you select a payment order by credit card, payment processing (including entering a credit card number) is made of "electronic payment company" ASSIST ", using hardware and software ASSIST electronic payment system, which has passed the international certification. The system ensures the safety of payment, used the secure TLS protocol for transmitting confidential information from client to server and further processing in the processing center. This means that sensitive data payer (card details, registration data, and others.) Are not available in the online store, handling is fully protected and no one can get personal and banking data of the customer. In addition, when processing payments by credit cards, used safe technology 3D-Secure, which necessarily requires the international payment system VISA and MasterCard.

To pay this way

  • After confirming the reservation administrator hostel click on the link provided in the message and enter the required data.
  • Payment is made online provider of electronic payments, ensuring the security of payments. The authorization server installs with the Buyer connection over a secure TLS protocol and receives from the Buyer parameters of his bank card (card number, expiry date of the card, the cardholder's name to the transcription as it appears on the credit card, as well as the CVC2 number, or the CVV2*, these on the reverse side of the card). Operation payment by credit card online is completely confidential and secure.
  • Your personal information and card details are entered on the page of our website, and on the authorization page of the payment system. Access to them is carried out according to the protocol TLS secure data transmission, as used Internet security technology payments Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureSode.

* Code CVV2 / CVC2 - this control number consisting of three digits printed on the back of the credit card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of the ad hoc band to sign. Enter the number needed to make sure that the card is used by the present owner.
We accept cards Visa International payment systems, MasterCard and BelCard, American Express and banks of all classes. We advise you to contact your bank to make sure that your card can be used for payments on the Internet.

Reasons for refusal of authorization may be as follows

  • credit card insufficient funds to pay for the order;
  • issuing bank card of the Buyer, established a ban on the payment of the Internet;
  • Timeout waiting for input time credit card data;
  • entered data were not confirmed by you on the payment page, the data format error, etc.

Depending on the cause of failure in the authorization to resolve the issue, you can:

  • seek clarification from the bank that issued the card of the Buyer;
  • in failing to address the Bank - an attempt to repeat the payment using cards issued by other banks.
Please note, for the possibility of the prepay procedure hostel administration will contact you directly. Advance payment must be made within 5 days after reservation are made. Otherwise, the hostel administration reserves the right to cancel your reservation.